(1) President Abraham Lincoln, who had depression
(2) Writer Virginia Woolf, who had bipolar disorder
(3) Artist Vincent Van Gogh, who had bipolar disorder
(4) Writer Sylvia Plath, who had depression
(5) Mathematician John Nash (from A Beautiful Mind), who had schizophrenia

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Woke up such a bad dream
I stayed, you were leaving
With my heart, you were stealing
I don’t care, I’d let you take it
Showed up, like a good girl
I fell for your fable
But I’m no Cinderella
I don’t care, I’d let you take it
Put us back together
You said, it’s forever

But I know you’re pretending
I don’t care, I’d let you take it
All again…
Sometimes, when I’m sleeping
I still, feel you breathing

You stole, all my good dreams
I don’t care, I’d let you take it
Come on, listen closely
To the sound, that our love made
If you go, I would follow
I don’t care, I’d let you take it,
All again… 

I just wanna love you
Don’t wanna lose me
Don’t wanna lose you,
If it gets harder
Then I don’t wanna break all alone
I wanna break in your arms


Let’s play a game called “Try not to flip your shit on the dentist “

I just did so good, I can’t even believe it. #drugs


It’s not everyday that People Magazine publishes your girlfriend’s foto… So incredibly proud of you, babe; and it’s only the beginning. #ItsAllHappening

My number 1 fan. ☝️

"You brave, brave thing.
One day, you’re going to
stop leaving the door open
for people who only know how
to keep leaving."

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Job well done
Standing ovation
Yeah you got what you wanted
I guess you won
And I don’t want to hear, they don’t know you like I do
Even I could’ve told you
But now we’re done

'Cause you play me like a symphony
Play me till your fingers bleed
I’m your greatest masterpiece
You ruin me
Later when the curtains drawn
And no one’s there for you back home
Don’t cry to me, you played me wrong
You ruin me

I know you thought
That I wouldn’t notice
You were acting so strange
I’m not that dumb
And in the end I hope she was worth it
I don’t care if you loved me, you make me numb

We’re that song you wouldn’t sing
Just a broken melody
You’re killing me

That time I groped a barely-life-size cutout of Demi Lovato at a Tampax kiosk. #BeRadiant

This is what sleeping in 91 degree weather looks like.

It’s a hard hot life
For us
It’s a hard hot life
For us
Stead of snow days,
We get heat.
Stead of snowballs,
We get beat!
It’s a hard hot life.