Thoughts of an insomniac.

She said I tasted like..

"…like unicorns and happy and rainbows and perfect."
- sofiii-d


The huge tattoo running up the right side of Bert McCracken’s torso depicts a cartoon boy straining to reach up to something higher. It’s his favorite. It was the first one he ever had done and it’s a design of his own that he used to draw everywhere he went. The boy in the tattoo is him, forever reaching for something unseen and maddeningly just out of his grasp, but never ready to stop trying.” -Kerrang! magazine

That time Bert told me all about his tattoo and it’s meaning. 

That time I met soKo in a cemetery.

The Used – A Song To Stifle Imperial Progression (A Work In Progress) (1,759 plays)


"A Song To Stifle Imperial Progression (A Work In Progress)" / The Used

That time I sang gang vocals on my favorite bands record. 

Woke up next to this assface.


Etsy about page is up and running!

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Love these dudes: @feldy67 and @luke_is_a_penguin ❤️ #anxiety

If anybody asks what I did for my birthday, it was spent with sofiii-d hunting down scooters.